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It all began with a small, home-roaster and a 13 year old boy...


Meet Jude: the owner of Ravencrest Coffee Company!


A couple of summers ago, Jude was busy raking lawns and doing odd jobs for neighbors. But it just wasn't bringing in enough cash. He wondered if he could do something better...

He wondered if he was too young to start his own business. His Dad said: "Just go for it."

So, Jude decided to experiment with specialty food items because he'd always been fascinated by the culinary arts.


First, he tried making gourmet pickles. He hand-pickled and seasoned the pickles himself. When that didn't work out, he researched how to make gum balls. Still no success.

One day Jude's Dad said: "Well, everyone drinks coffee. Why not try that?"


So, Jude and his Dad began researching coffee bean traders.

After establishing a relationship with a local, direct trader, Jude bought some "green" coffee beans and completed his first roast on the barbecue in his backyard (see picture).


Once Jude's parents saw that he was serious about this project, they purchased a small, home roaster for him.


Over several months, Jude developed several unique roasts. He began sharing his freshly roasted beans with family and friends.

That's when he started hearing: "Can I get another bag of that awesome coffee? I can't find coffee like yours anywhere else!"

Thus, Ravencrest Coffee Company  was born.


Jude is passionate about creating superior coffee roasts and providing excellent customer service.  for his customers. He selects direct trade beans from around the world and roasts them to perfection.

He guarantees our coffee will be delivered or shipped within 2 days of the ROAST DATE for his customers to enjoy!

Here's to your next glorious cup of coffee!

How It All Started

Roasting Coffee Since 2015
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